Our Story

Behind the Scent of Oroma Candles

My name is Isabella Harré, and I'm the creator of Oroma candles. My passion for candles started at a young age, inspired by my dad's love for incense and the role of scents in creating memories and putting the mind at ease. In 2020, I decided to turn my love for candles into something more and founded Oroma.

I was determined to create candles that stood out in the home, with unique scents and a look that was just as beautiful as the fragrance. I believe that buying a candle should be an exciting and fun experience, and I wanted to bring that excitement to every Oroma candle.

Growing up in Melbourne, Australia, I have always loved the role that candles play in setting the atmosphere, whether it be while studying, preparing for a major event, hanging out with friends, or simply topping off a tidy room. I've found that lighting a candle has a powerful impact on the mind and body, and I want to share that with others through my candles.

At Oroma, I'm dedicated to using the finest ingredients and bringing creativity and innovation to every scent. This is only the beginning of my journey, and I'm so excited for you to come along with me. Thank you for choosing Oroma, where every candle is more than just a candle - it's an experience.